Investment Management


About Weaver

Weaver Investment Management (Pty) Ltd (“Weaver”) is a majority black-owned, controlled and managed investment management business. Our shareholders include Miya Investments, a Women Empowerment Group with a wealth of experience in driving transformation by investing in companies that provide equal opportunities to address past imbalances. Weaver has a BBBEE Level 2 empowerment rating. We provide the following services to a range of both institutional and retail clients:

    Asset consulting
    Wealth management

Our founding directors Owen Khumalo and Ngoni Gwatidzo have over 60 years combined experience in the financial services industry encompassing asset management, asset consulting, employee benefits consulting, multi-manager investments and retirement funds administration. Weaver’s predecessor, Gatzo Independent Investment Advisors (Pty) Ltd, founded by our Chief Investment Officer (Ngoni Gwatidzo) has a successful track record of managing multi-manager portfolios for over 10 years.

why the name Weaver

The Weaver bird is one of the prominent bird species prevalent in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is known for its skill, tenacity and ingenuity in nest building – the most elaborate of nest builders. The nest building process is well thought out and executed. The Weaver bird could be described as an architect, construction engineer and site foreman all rolled into one.

Weaver Investment Management identifies with these characteristics and we emulate them in the way we advise clients, build portfolios and protect wealth. We offer an end-to-end investment advisory and implementation solution.

ourmission statement

We aim to be a truly empowered, credible and sustainable financial services business that consistently delivers on clients’ investment objectives through disciplined and robust implementation of investment strategies.


  • Partnership

    We build rewarding relationships with all our stakeholders encompassing clients, business partners, shareholders and regulators.

  • Good governance

    We assist trustees and investment management committee members in discharging their fiduciary responsibilities in relation to the administration, governance and investment of assets.

  • Independence

    We are totally independent as we do not have any outside shareholding by asset managers, insurers, administrators or brokers. This enables us to provide advice that is untainted and free from conflict of interest. Our independence affords us the flexibility to select the best service providers enabling us to offer our clients appropriate solutions.

  • Integrity

    Our advice will always be guided by our desire to provide cost effective solutions that offer the highest probability of success at the lowest possible risk.

  • ourvalue proposition

  • Low costs

    We keep costs to a minimum by blending passive with active solutions in our portfolios. This is in line with Retirement Fund Reform proposals from National Treasury.

  • Transformation

    We blend black asset managers with traditional managers in all local asset class building blocks.

  • Independence

    Weaver is not owned by any of the large insurance companies, banks or asset managers. This enables us to offer unbiased advice to our clients.